About Us

A little about IH Soft Tissue Therapy

IH Soft Tissue Therapy is the next chapter in the story, it was born from the desire to create a place for my lovely clients to continue their amazing progress we'd achieved together over the years. 

The foundation of the clinic is built around a collaborative approach where team effort is everything! The support that 'my team' has offered me to get IH Soft Tissue off the ground has been everything and I'm excited to share this chapter with you!!

IH Soft Tissue Therapy is more than just sports massage, each session focuses on you and your goals helping you to move freely without pain. The sessions may involve sports massage, dry needling, dry cupping or a hands off approach may be our best course of action!! Either way this is discussed with you and reviewed at every step along the way to ensure a team effort to reach your goals!

A little about Imogen

Imogen Howard

I'm a chatterbox so if you have any questions just drop a message!

I qualified as a Sports Massage therapist in 2014 after graduating with a degree in Sports and Exercise Science. 

I've worked in a clinical setting for most of my massage career so have a wide experience of injuries, chronic pain and pesky niggles! My specialties include the upper body, particularly the neck and issues relating to tension here. I struggle with Migraines and tension headaches myself so have an understanding to help these conditions particularly! As there's no cure for migraines I've spent time looking at ways to help manage chronic pain so if you're struggling, I may be able to help share the burden! 

When i'm not working I love/hate to run!! Runners... you'll understand this! But my background sits with Trampolining both as a gymnast and as a coach, so I have good understanding of the need for strength and conditioning to help movements!